Business Continuity

The Plum Case® family of products' are the most reliable and simplest to use self contained business continuity solutions. They provide high speed Internet access over secure wireless networks in the event of a network or power outage. Their technology can scale from a small team to a complete data center.

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Remote Access

The Plum Case® Family of products' unique technology provides voice communications and high-speed internet access to mission-critical data in remote areas where cellular service is limited or unavailable.

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Mobile Team Enablement

Consultants, bank auditors, construction crews and other teams using the Plum Case® family of products' technology have their own secure networks while working in client locations or on job sites. Since they never access client or public networks, they are at much less risk of cyber-attacks.

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Event Management

Organizations that run events, conferences or training sessions can bring their networks with them. The Plum Case® Family of products' technology save them money and provide faster internet access than the internet service provided by most venues.

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Incredible Quality

Rugged enough to drop from a helicopter our Plum Case® series of products use technology that meets or exceeds all U.S. military specifications for ruggedized equipment – and that includes waterproof, dustproof, drop-proof and many other standards.

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